Sillcon rubber precast.Cold shrinkable cable accessory
For exmaple:WLS-15/3.1.means 15kV fullcold shrikage silicon rubber cable cutdoor terminal,fit to three-core cable with 25-50mm2.
Cold shrinkage cable accessory is made by imported LSR silicon rubber material,that not only has good electrical perfor mance,but hai lots of physical feature as excellent adding water performance, high spring and long service life and so on. The design,constant shrenkage press of the product keep close combination with cable body and has good waterproof performance,it is especially suitable for using in environment with high temperature,cold salt fog,moisture wet and heavy polluion.The cold shrinkage cable accessory has omited the trouble problem and unsafe factor due to the themal shrinkage product using fire to heat,Comparing with the thermal shrinkage products,the cold shrinkage cableaccessory adopts support principle to take out the support,then it waill auto shrink and reset,and does not need heat so it is called ad cold is very easy to use.
eliable inuslation:
Make use of insulated and elasticity of silion rubber. Add the rasial stress to the cable after install.keep "breath"withcable in order to lightedinner layer.The part of stress contuol and main insulation are componded together.Soving the problem of power fields collection,for the cable screen discontinue poslition and ensured the relicable insulation,stability running.

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