Heat shrinkable sealing cap/heat shrinkable tape

Heat shrinkable sealing cap applied to power cable and sealing conmmuication cable and flatable sealing; communication cable end flatable sealing.other industries pipe sealing;The interior paint is high performance hot glue,which may be collocated to the spiracle for air charging test.The forms such as polyethylene sheathed cable and leadsheathed cable and so on are all suitable

Product specification

Type Size O.D(mm) Max.O.D(mm) c O.D(mm) Max.O.D(mm)
RSM,RSMQ-20/8 8 15 RSM,RSMQ-120/65 65 115
RSM,RSMQ-30/12 12 25 RSM-140/65 65 130
RSM,RSMQ-40/15 15 35 RSM,160/65 65 150
RSM,RSMQ-56/20 20 50 RSM,160/90 90 150
RSM,RSMQ-66/25 25 60 RSM,180/90 90 175
RSM,RSMQ-78/30 30 72 RSM,200/90 90 195
RSM,RSMQ-100/45 45 95      

Heat shtinkable tape applied to:
.It is used to part repairing when the outer protective layer damaged or burned by the machinery or correded bythe organic solvent.
.It is used for waterproof seal handling of the intemediate joint sheath end of the intermediate jojint sheath end of the heatshrinkabe cable.
It is used for complex insulation handling of the no enough distance between the electrified body and the earth or in the phase.
It is used for insulation protective handling to avoid connecting with overground curve or other electified body,personal accient and short circuit fault caused by the smallanimal.
.It is used for protecting the electrigied bare conductor that passes the tree and protect it form short circuit when through the channel.And used for protecting the electrified body from cutdling the dew,pollution flashover and corrosion.

Product specification

Type Size Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
MPD50×5000×0.8 50 5000 0.8
MPD50×5000×1.0 50 5000 1.0
MPD50×5000×1.4 50 5000 1.4

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