Gas heating gun
Application:The gas heating gun cab take general hosegold liquefied gas or ethyl gas as the resources.The product is provided with strong firepower,light weight,durable and arbitranily adjusted adjustor.Form low-voltage cable accessories to high-voltage cable accessories.from low-voltage bus-bar sleeves to high-voltage bus-bar sleeves to high-voltage busbar sleeves,the shrinkage installation and operation is conveniern,Among them,the large diameter heating spray gun is special suitable for the heal shrinkable cable intermediate joint working high above the ground and on the bridge and the construction of the heat shrinkable pipeline cladding pieces.
Electric energy heating gun
Application:It is used for heating and shrinking the shrinkale pipe,shrinkage packing,drying equipment,sewing the glued board,melting the tin,thawing,removing paint,clening the experimental utensils,turn-heating the liqid,catalyzing the adhesive,releasing quantiative heat and high-temperature heating without fire.

Model Power Temperature
HA-750 500W-750W 150℃-500℃
HA-1500 1000W-1500W 200℃-600℃
HA-2000 1000W-2000W 200℃-650℃
HA-1800t Thermoregulation 300W-1800W 50℃-650℃

Hydraulic conductor crimping pliers,cold-pressing pliers,wire stripper

Application:Hydraulic conductor crimping pliers is used for crimping the copper aluminum terminal and copper aluminun connecton pipe in the process of making power cable terminal and intermediate joint.The cold-pressing pliers are used for crimping various cold-pressing terminal.The wire stripper is used for peeling and cutting the external insulation of the cable.

Model Crinping range(mm2) Max operating pressure (T) Max working pressure (mm) Hexagon mould (mm)
Al.matcrial Copper matctial
KYQ-240 16-240 16-150 16 22 16,25,35,50,70,95,
KYQ-300 16-300 16-240 20 22 16,25,34,50,70,95,

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