ZW31-12 outdoor use hv pole mounted vacuum circuit breaker
ZW31-12 outdoor use high voltage vacuum circuit breaker for rated voltage 12KV,three phase Sollz system is mainly used to break and make loadong currnet, overloading current and short circuit current of electic distri-bution system in substation,mineral enterprises and furthermore agricultural power networks in order to protect and control the connected equipment.

Ambient conditions

A.Altitude not more than 1000m

B.Ambient temperature:-40~+40℃ and difference in a dav not more than 25℃

C.Wind speed not exceeding 34m/s

D.No flammable or explosive danger,no chemical corrosive medium and severe vibration shall exist.


Fully hcrmctical structure:Able to improve the character of anti moisture and dew,the VCB can be worked in high tempera ture and high humidity zone,and effctively avoid from corrosion due long term outer atmoshere,compact and rational structure,weight less than 80kgs.Vacuum interrupter:High and secure breaking capacity,low abrasion of contacts,short circuit breaking capacity up to 20KA. No flammable and explosive events ouuer,safety and maintenance free.Outdoor used epoxy resin of enclosure:reinfirced the insulation performance caused from moist conditions and anti-corrosion from ultraviolet radiation,meet with the requirement of workig high climatic proof and severe ambient conditions.Operating mechanism:New style,simple,secure action,mechanical life up to 1000 operations.Manual operation,electrical operation and remote control available.Multi-function:Two phasws or three phase outdoor CT may be equipped for control and measure.Operated with controller remote control and monitoring can be realized.


FN5-12R(L) indoor use fuse combined load switches are self develop through absorbing foreign modern technology and in consideration of domestic power supply requirements.This product passed the full type test and long term working trial.The perform anced meet with the standards of IEC420 (AC High Voltage Load Switch Fuse combined Electrical Apparatus)(1900)and GB3804 <3-36KV AC High voltage Load Switch>.Compared to the foreign adcanced familiar products.They are completely under same level.Small volume,light weight.It can be used in ring main unit and kiosk substations,widely used for the distrbution of 12KV electricityand effectively avoid working under phase failure.This product fill up the absence in domedtic productd,And it can operate in three positiions (ON/OFF.lsolating and earthing)

HRC fuse ratings
Type Rated voltage Rated current(A) Rated current of fuselink
SDLA*J 12 40 3,6,10,16,20,25,31,5,40
SFLA*J 12 100 50,63,71,80,100
SKLA*J 12 125 125
Main Product Series
Rated voltage Highest working voltage Power frequency withstand voltage Rated current(A) 4s Short time withstand current Peak withstand current Rated breaking current Short circuit making current
12 12.7 42 400 12.5 31.5 400 31.5
630 16 40 630 40

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