FN3-12 series indoor use,high voltage load switch


FN3-12 , FN3-12R, FN3-12R/S load switches are of indoor operated high voltage devices in the network system of 50HZ,6KV or 12KV to break and make the circuit of rated loading and overload current,also able to break and make noload long distance power line.The switches with RN3 HRC fuse(FN3-12R,fn312R/S)can switch off the short circuit to protect the switch.The switches are operated by the manual mechanism of CS3 or CS2.

Working conditions

Altitude not more than 1000m;

Ambient temperature scope:from 12℃ to 40℃

Relative humidity indoor less than 90% under 25℃

There shall have no conductive dust;

no corrosive gases;

no severe vibration and impact;

no combustion and explosion on the site for switch operating.

Techniacal data

The switches meet with the following data
Type Rated voltage(KV) Hightest working voltage(KV) Rated current(A) Peak with stand current Short time withstand curremt
FN3-12 12 12.7 400 25 10/2
The switches with HRC fusemeet with the following data
Type Rated voltage(KV) Rated current(A) Max breaking current Max breaking capacity Peak value under breaking ultimate short circuit current
RN3-3 3 10-50 40 200 24.5
75-100 24.5
200 35
RN3-6 6 10-50 20 200 14
75 14
100 19
200 25
RN3-12 12 10-50 12 200 8.6
75 8.6
100-50 15.5

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