ZW8-12G/630-20 Outdoor use,pole mounted dry type vacuum circuit breaker


As outdoor AC high voltage switchgear of three-phase 50HZ,the ZW8-12series outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit-breaker mainly serves in the urban and rural power network of 10kV to make andf break load current,coverload current and short-circuit and in the similar occasions as well.
Main technical parameter
Rated voltage 12KV
Rated current 630A
Rated insulation level 1 min power frequency withstand voltage 45KV
lightning impulse withstand voltge (peak value) 75KV
Rated short- circuit breaking current 12.5KA,16KA,20KA
Rated short-ciruit making current(peak value) 31.5KA,40KA,50KA
Rated peak withstand current 31.5KA,40KA,50KA
Rated short-time withstand current(4s) 12.5KA,16KA,20KA
Machanical endurance 10000 times


Lw3-12 seres outdoor AC high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker is the new-model one,which adopts SF6 gas as its arcextinguishing and insulation medium.It has such characters as simple constuction,more reliable performance of arcextinguishing and insulation,lower power consumption,wider range of rated paramters,lower power consumption,wider range of rated parameters,longer service life and longer non-maintenance duration.The product is applicable in the power system of three-phase AC 10KV and 50Hz to act as control and protection device in the micromidi power substation.

Main technical parameter

Rated voltage 10KV
Rated current 400A,630A
Rated short- circuit breaking current 6.3KA,12.5KA,16KA
Rated making current(peak value) 16KA,31.5KA,40KA
Rated peak withstand current 16KA,31.5KA,40KA
Rated short-time withstand current 6.3KA,12.5KA,16KA
Short- circuit duration 4s

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