GW9-12 Series Outdoor Single-pole Isolating Switch


GW9-12 Series Outdoor Single-pole isolating switch can be used in high voltage transmission and distribution line of 50Hz and 12KV,for making and breaking the single phase or three-phase line with zero-load and voltage.

Normal Working Conditions

1.Upper limit of ambient air temp,is+40℃,lower limit is -30℃ for general regions and -40℃ for high and cold regions;

2.The height above sea level not exceeding 2000m;

3.Wind pressure not exceeding 700 Pa (equivalent to 34m/s);

4.Earthquake:3.1 d;

5.Place without any inflammable or explosive danger,conductive,chemical corrosion or severe vibration;

6.The ice covering not exceeding 10mm.

7.Air pollution dengree:III.

Stuctural Features

The isolating switch is composed of base,bar type isolator,conducting strip,and fuse hook.The conducting strip is mounted with fuse hook.After switchingin,it will self-lock,and not automati-cally switch out under the seadweight or electic actuaing force.The isolating force.The isolating switch is designed to be single-pole structure and can switchin/out by using hook bar and separately control each phase of 3-phase circuit.

Main Technica Data

Model Rated voltage Rated cuttent dynamic standing current thermal withstand cuttent 2s
kv A kA kA
GW9-12/200 12 200 8 3.15
GW9-12/400 12 400 31.5 12.5
GW9-12/630 12 630 40 16

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